membership Benefits:


  •              Invitation to Monthly Luncheons
  •              Participate in Activity Clubs
  •              Eligible to Apply for Club Scholarships      
  •              FHCSC Welcome Gift  
  • ​             Make Friends! Have Fun! Give Back!


The Fort Huachuca Community Spouses' Club (FHCSC) is a great way to make new friends, have tons of fun and get involved in the community while being stationed at Fort Huachuca.  Our members are what makes this organization a great one. Come out this year and join us for spectacular monthly luncheons, charity fundraisers and more. Meet new people, make new friends and best of all - make a difference in our community. This year we are offering the option to fill out the membership form online AND pay your membership dues via PayPal! ​

The Ft. Huachuca Community Spouses' Club Sponsorship Program has generated over a dozen pre-paid memberships for spouses of students and E6s and below!  If you are in that category, you can join the club for free for the remainder of the school year, as long as sponsored memberships remain available.  Simply complete your application on line or at a club function without submitting payment. 

(NOTE:  Claiming a sponsored membership slot is first come, first served.  If you submit an application after the sponsored memberships have been filled, you will be asked if you'd like to proceed with a membership payment.)

Our organization is inclusive of everyone in the Community, including:

*If you have questions or concerns please email:  ​

  •                 General- $30    
  •               Student/E-6 and below- $20   

                                     After January 1st:

  •               General- $15   
  •               Student/E-6 and below- $10    
  • Each PayPal payment will incur an additional $1 processing fee!

  • All Active Duty and Retired Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force & Coast Guard Spouses of all ranks.
  • All Government Employees and Contractors of Fort Huachuca and their Spouses.
  • All members of the community surrounding Fort Huachuca who wish to participate in the FHCSC as friends of Fort Huachuca.

United in Friendship and Service!

membership FEES: