Welcome to the Flock!

This is where you hire our Mother Flockers to help celebrate something!

What the flock? You can’t think of a reason why you would? Well we can help you celebrate and bring joy to someone! We will surprise flock a friend with flamingos for three days to brighten up their yard!

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” or “Welcome!” or “We Will Miss You” like our crazy flock of flamingos do! How about a new baby? A promotion? A graduation? A retirement? A Birthday? How about a new family in the neighborhood? Or new spouse in your unit? All and more are reasons to fly the flock to a neighborhood near you!

Our Mother Flockers will flock in the Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista Areas and flocking is available year round.   We have a limited flock so please request with plenty of time to accommodate these frequent flyers.

All donations received from this frolicking flock affair are awarded as scholarships and grants to our Fort Huachuca Community.

Your flocking options are:

  • $20 - The Mother Flockers will guide the flock to the site of your choice on Fort Huachuca.
  • $30 - The Mother Flockers will flock your "victim" in Sierra Vista.
  • $40 - The Mother Flockers will land the flock in Hereford or Huachuca City.
  • $15-  “Get the Flock Out Early” after having been flocked yourself! 

To schedule a flocking flight, please complete the form below and provide payment via Paypal. Once you complete and submit your request, please look for an email confirming your flock surprise from fhcscflock@gmail.com. Flockings must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance.  If you have any further questions or need more information, please email the Mother Flocker at 
Once you submit this flocking request you will be forwarded to Paypal to pay for the request. The flocking request is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from our Mother Flocker at fhcscflock@gmail.com.  If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please email
fhcscflock@gmail.com for confirmation. If you do not hear back from our Mother Flocker within 48 hours, please contact our president president@fhcsc.com.

Thank you! We hope you have a wonderful flocking day!