Upcoming meetings for our Activity Clubs are found here with available fliers down below. We encourage signing up for each event through ourFacebook page here ! For more information, contact 

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Bunco Club

October 11th at 6pm


@Mountain Vista Community Center

Coffee Club
October 11 at 9am

@MI Library Coffee Shop

Gamers Unite

October 6th at 6pm

Rock Band 3 & Zombies

@Mountain Vista Community Center

Golf Club
Kicking off in October

Great Beginnings

Book Club

October 20th at 12pm

Reading “The Oaks Remain”

@Mimosa’s in Hereford

Lunch Bunch
October 25 at 12pm

@Hana Tokyo

Movie Club

Friday 27 October at 10am 


@ Ft Huachuca Reel Time Theater 

Paint Nite Club

September 29th at 6pm

First Meeting

@We Frame It

Tennis Club
Every Friday at 8:45am

@Tennis Courts next to old Hotel on-post

UFO Crafters Club

October 3rd at 6:30pm

@Mountain Vista Community Center

Walking Warriors

October 11th at 9am

(2nd Wednesday monthly) 

@Soldiers CreakPark

Wanderlust Travel Club
October 20th at 9:30am
Ramsey Canyon Hike@Ramsey Canyon
Wine Club
Octoberber 26th at 6pm
Choclolate & Wine Pairing@Hoppin Grapes

Activity Club Calendar